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Stability Test of Complexes

Stability Test of Complexes

Alfa Chemistry can provide testing services for stability of coordination complexes. In general stability means that a coordination complex may be stored for a long time under suitable conditions or this compound may be existing under suitable conditions. The stability of coordination complexes is an important aspect of coordination chemistry and find their application in all disciplines, from catalyst design to pharmaceutical studies of drug design and metabolism. The study of stability of coordination complexes is vital to determine their behavior in different environments, including change in temperature or changes in pH of the reaction medium. A higher stability constant indicates the greater stability of a coordination.

Alfa Chemistry has global testing abilities based on our comprehensive technical platforms, professional R&D team and high-quality of our results, we provide advanced research and testing expertise to stability of coordination complexes.

Factors on Stability of Complexes

There are many factors affected the stability of coordination complexes. Some of factors are described as follows:

Nature of central metal ion

Metal ionic size

Temperature and pressure

Size and charge of ligands

Ligands concentration


Metal ionic charge

Ligands nature

Basic character of ligands

Chelating effect of ligands

Our Service Scope

Stability of coordination complexes includes there categories: redox stability, thermal stability and stability of complexes in solution. We are able to test different types stability of coordination complexes for satisfying your different requirements.


Redox stability refers to the degree of ease with which a metal gains and loses electrons.


Thermal stability refers to the degree of ease with which a coordination complex is decomposed into its components after heating.

in Solution

Stability of coordination complexes in solution refers to the equilibrium constant of complexes that dissociate into metal ions and ligands in water when the dissociation is in equilibrium.

Our Analysis Methods

Alfa Chemistry utilizes a variety of testing methods to determine the stability of complexes. We all possess multiple corresponding analysis methods for different types stability. We will provide the most suitable method according to your needs.

Redox stability

  • Cyclic voltammetry method
  • Determined by standard potential

Thermal stability

  • Thermogravimetric analysis method
  • Differential thermal analysis method

Stability in solution

The stability constant of coordination complexes in solution directly reflects the coordination complexes stability. There are so many parameters to determination of stability constant in solution for all types of complexes. According to different parameters, the corresponding specific analysis methods are as follows[1]:

  • Solubility methods
  • Ion exchange method
  • Potentiometric methods
  • Rate method
  • Biological method
  • Isotopic dilution method
  • Conductance measurement method
  • Paramagnetic resonance method
  • Chromatography method
  • Distribution method
  • Electrometric techniques
  • Polarographic method
  • Freezing technique
  • Spectrophotometric method
  • pH method
  • Nuclear magnetic resonance method
  • Deflection method
  • etc.

Some methods like spectrophotometric method, Bjerrum’s method, distribution method, ion exchange method, electrometric techniques, and potentiometric method have a huge contribution in quantitative analysis by easily finding the stability constants of metal complexes in aqueous solutions.

Stability Test of Complexes

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  • Singh J.; et al. Stability constants of metal complexes in colution[M], 2020.

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