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Basic Property Tests

Basic Property Tests

Alfa Chemistry can provide testing services for the basic property of ligands and coordination complexes, the basic property here is refers to physical properties such as purity, melting point, boiling point and so on. A physical property is a characteristic that can be observed or measured and an integral part of substance and plays a large role, however, they tend to be overlooked. Physical properties are a foundation to understanding substance, the preparation, purification, collection, storage, transportation and application of substances are inseparable from their physical properties, and they can help us to determine whether a product is produced correctly and meets the specific requirements, etc. In addition, some parameters of physical properties are closely related to chemical properties, directly affecting the application of products.

Alfa Chemistry has many years of chemical testing and analysis experience, we provide advanced research and testing expertise a to basic property tests of ligands and coordination complexes. Whether it's solids or liquids, raw materials or finished product physical testing, Alfa Chemistry can help with all your physical properties testing, examinations, inspections and certifications according to industry and international regulatory standards, protocols, and methods.

Our Test Items

Alfa Chemistry provides a broad basic property test for ligands and coordination complexes, including but not limited to the following.


Freezing point

Refractive index

Saturation vapor pressure

Boiling point

Flashing point



Melting point




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Professional and experienced testing team

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Our Capabilities

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Our Advantages

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Need physical property testing requirements for ligands and coordination complexes? Alfa Chemistry will help you solve your any analytical needs, whilst providing a fast turnaround time and very competitive rates. Please do not hesitate to contact us for understanding more detailed information about our analytical services, we will answer you as soon as possible.

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