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Custom Synthetic Coordination Complexes

Custom Synthetic Coordination Complexes

Alfa Chemistry provides custom synthesis services for a variety of coordination complexes. The unique properties of coordination complexes have motivated research in coordination chemistry, and especially regarding the properties and applications of coordination compounds in catalysis, medicine, analytical chemistry, materials chemistry. The advances in the synthesis and knowledge of coordination complexes have been possible with the design of novel ligands becoming mature that have allowed the preparation of elusive complexes in this area of research. The design and discovery of new types of coordination complexes can service great contribution to the development of coordination chemistry. Alfa Chemistry focuses on coordination chemistry, it can provide a variety of coordination complexes and can customize coordination complexes to meet customer needs.

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

Alfa Chemistry has been built with one goal in mind, to supply our products and services in a timely, quantity and quality guaranteed, and cost effective manner. Our goal is to exceed every customer’s expectations in customized synthesis.

Our Service Scope

Over the years of research in coordination chemistry, Alfa Chemistry's professional and experienced experts can meet the challenges of most custom synthesis problems, we can design and synthesize all kinds of high-quality coordination complexes to satisfy your demands.

Our custom synthesis services for coordination complexes include but are not limited to the following:

  • According to the different metal atoms, we can provide custom synthesis services for the following coordination complexes.
  • Transition Metal Complexes (such as silver complexes, gold complexes, platinum complexes, cobalt complexes, chromium complexes, copper complexes, iron complexes, and many others.)
  • Lanthanide Metal Complexes (cerium complexes, europium complexes, gadolinium complexes, holmium complexes, lanthanide complexes and others )
  • Main-Group Metal Complexes (aluminum complexes, barium complexes, bismuth complexes, calcium complexes, gallium complexes and others )
According to the different metal atoms, we can provide custom synthesis services for the following coordination complexes.
  • According to the configuration of coordination complexes, we can provide custom synthesis services for the following coordination complexes.
  • Trigonal pyramidal complexes
  • Square planar complexes
  • Pentagonal bipyramidal complexes
  • Square pyramidal complexes
  • Square antiprismatic complexes
  • Trigonal planar complexes
  • Trigonal bipyramidal complexes
  • Trigonal prismatic complexes
  • Capped octahedral complexes
  • Tricapped trigonal prismatic complexes
  • Tetrahedral complexes
  • Octahedral complexes
  • Linear complexes
  • Dodecahedral complexes

Some configurations of coordination complexesFig.1 Some configurations of coordination complexes

Our Advantages

  • Quality: All custom compounds are designed and synthesized by a dedicated team, in which the team would be composed of highly skilled Ph.D. and M.S. synthetic chemists, ensuring the delivery of ideal high quality products within the promised time.
  • Professional: Experienced professional R&D team, reliable and detailed synthetic data and characterization data.
  • Reliable: We work in state-of-the-art laboratories, equipped with the latest technology and analytical instruments, and our scientists have extensive experience and infrastructure to make your project a success. At the same time, we are also very willing to you answer any questions about the product and questions after the products are sold.
  • Timely: We not only have a variety of high-quality raw materials in the inventory of the reserve, and have a professional raw material procurement channels, to ensure that each project can be quickly executed, to achieve high quality and short time synchronization coordination, and then faster and better to complete the project.

Order Process

Customer EnquiryPreliminary NegotiationOrder ConfirmationLab SynthesisCustomer ConfirmationPacking and Shipment
  • Customer Enquiry: Customers come up with their own requirements, also you can provide your thought about synthesis and design ideas.
  • Preliminary Negotiation: We will conduct a thorough review of your existing concept to establish its feasibility and propose the key modifications needed to achieve a commercially viable manufacturable product. We evaluate product requirements based on experience and ability and formulate initial project plans.
  • Order Confirmation: After confirmed the initial project plans, signs the formal contract and pays the payment.
  • Lab Synthesis: We shall conduct lab synthesis and production according to plan confirmed by both parties, and provide qualified products within the specified time and corresponding data and reports.
  • Customer Confirmation: Send experimental results to customer for confirmation.
  • Packing Shipment: After completing the previous step, we will deliver the products to the designated delivery place in the fastest speed and safest way.

Alfa Chemistry has accumulated strong synthetic expertise, our team is prepared to successfully complete any challenging custom synthesis project, from the milligram to kilogram scale in our custom synthesis lab. We look forward to maintaining a harmonious, long-term and win-win cooperative relationship with you.

Our products and services are for research use only.