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Project Design

Project design is a major first step towards a successful project. When starting an experimental project, the preliminary design works such as the design of synthetic route, the selection of synthetic conditions are crucial. Any experienced researcher can tell you from experience that the more you put in the frontend of a project, the better your results will be on the backend.

Alfa Chemistry has a team of highly skilled Ph.D. and M.S. chemists with rich research and development experience. Alfa Chemistry provides project research and development services covering a wide range of ligands and complexes, our services are focused on the need to develop scalable and robust experiment approach under a tight timeline, we integrate our clients’ suggest to develop and optimize alternate experiment approach from the of raw materials selection, synthetic route design, to application conditions selection.

What Can We Do?

Alfa Chemistry will provide you with the appropriate solution to meet your experiment on quality, safe and cost-effective needs within the relevant timeline requirements.

Project Design

Our process project design service towards ligands and coordination complexes include the following aspects:

Synthetic Route Design

  • Synthetic route design for intermediates
  • Synthetic design for final products

Reaction Conditions Design ( The reaction conditions include reaction temperature, reaction time, concentration, raw material ratio, pH, pressure, catalyst, solvent and many others. )

Property Tests Design (Design and select reasonable experimental objects and testing instruments for property evaluation)

Application Tests Design (Design reasonable test environment for practical application tests)

We provide protocol design services for all ligands and coordination complexes (including both known and newly developed products ), from synthesis to application

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

Alfa Chemistry has a high-level, professional and experienced professional R&D team, specifically focused on the optimization and design experiment approach. The company's mission is to provide the most suitable solutions for customers. Customers can rest assured to ask questions to Alfa Chemistry, we make sure that you will get something valuable from us. According to the specific needs of customers, professional staff will provide the most suitable experiment approach for you.

Our products and services are for research use only.