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Catalytic Property Analysis of Complexes

Analysis of Catalytic Property of Complexes

Alfa Chemistry can provide analysis services for catalytic property of coordination complexes. Catalysis is the most important property of coordination complexes, over the past decades, coordination complexes, which occupy a special place among the catalysis because of their pronounced activity and their variety of properties, have been explored in a variety of catalytic applications. The exploration and analysis of catalytic property of coordination complexes will help to expand its application fields and lay the foundation for practical industrial application. On the other hand, by analysis of catalytic properties of coordination complexes can provide the direction for its further performance improvement.

Alfa Chemistry's personnel are experienced in catalysts and experts in studying the factors which affect various types catalyst performance and the using the methods for evaluation the catalytic property. We provide advanced research methods and high-quality of results to analysis of catalytic property of complexes.

Importance of Test

It is necessary to understand the catalytic property of the coordination complexes, which can not only help us understand the relevant information, but also lay a foundation for the follow-up work, some are shown in below:

Direct evaluation of catalytic performance of coordination complexes.

Screen out the most suitable coordination complexes catalysts.

Provide the basis for the catalytic application of coordination complexes.

Provide differentiation criterion for the development of coordination complexes catalysts.

Importance of Test

Our Analysis Scope

The coordination complexes are composed of coordination metal atoms and ligands, which are related to the stereochemical structure and distribution of electron environment of the coordination complexes, thus affecting the catalytic property of the coordination complexes. Alfa Chemistry can help analyze a variety of factors affecting the catalytic property of the coordination complexes, including but not limited to the following aspects:

Analysis of ligands types affecting on the catalytic property of the coordination complexes.

Analysis of ligands substituents affecting on the catalytic property of the coordination complexes.

Analysis of metal atoms types affecting on the catalytic property of the coordination complexes.

Analysis of metal atoms valence state affecting on catalytic property of the coordination complexes.

Our Methods

According to the needs of customers, we will rigorously design related catalytic experiments and then evaluate catalytic performance from different dimensions according to experimental results and experimental phenomena.

Our Methods

The catalytic experiments involve a variety of catalytic reaction types, mainly including the following categories:

Homogeneous Catalysis



Asymmetric Catalysis


The above types of catalytic reactions cover thousands of specific reactions, ranging from industrial production to life sciences. No matter what catalytic reactions you need, we will implement them together with you.

The evaluation dimensions include:

Target product yield

Catalysts reusability

Raw material conversion rate

In addition, we will also conduct the coordination complexes catalyst poisoning testing. Catalyst poisoning is caused by heavy metals such as mercury, lead and arsenic, possibly originating in feedstocks, causing catalyst activity reduction or catalyst selectivity changes, resulting in process reduction of product production and quality. Some advanced instruments such as XPS, SIMS, ICP-MS , atomic absorption spectrometer, X-Ray Diffraction and others are adopted in the catalyst poisoning testing.

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Need catalytic property analysis for coordination complexes? Alfa Chemistry will help you solve your any analysis needs, whilst providing a fast turnaround time and very competitive rates. Please do not hesitate to contact us for understanding more detailed information about our analytical services, we will answer you as soon as possible.

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